Private Limited Company Registration in Tirupur

Private limited company registration in Tirupur is important since it acts as a separate legal entity. It is formed under Companies Act 2013. It is generally formed by small businessmen who want to own Company which is private. The Act prohibits private limited company to accept the shares from the public; either in the form of the loan or in the form of deposits.

Also the public cannot make any monetary deposits. Whenever the private limited company needs money it needs to borrow the money through financial institutions. The members or the shareholders are not liable to the discharge of the debts.

Private limited company Registration
Private limited company Registration
Private limited company Registration

Features of Pvt Ltd Company

  • Separate identity

    A private limited company is examined as a separate legal entity. This private limited company has own identity and acknowledged as a separate company under law.

  • Limited Liability

    The private limited company has the greatest benefit of its limited liability. The liabilities are limited to their shares only. This company feature protects the income of shareholders and personal assets at times of any financial critical points faced by the company.

  • Tax Advantages

    The private limited companies can pay tax on taxable profits and they are exceptedfrom high personal income tax rates.

  • Members and shareholders

    Only two shareholders and two members are need to incorporate a private limited company. This gives many Entrepreneurs as a chance to set up their new own company.

  • Flexible Connections

    A person can act as a shareholder, a director and an employee at the same time, when private limited company is taken into examinations. They are considered as valid too. Solubilis Corporate Services LLP is the Leading Professional firm assist you in registering Company. We register a private limited company registration within 12 working days.

  • Share Transfer

    transferring of shares is not as easy when compared with public companies.

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